Best Website Recording Software

Understand how users see and behave on your website with insightful data and make informed decisions to optimize further

Record and Replay Visitor Sessions

  • Record sessions to capture valuable information.

  • Replay recorded sessions to recognize and analyze trends

  • View data on dashboards for insightful overviews.

  • Filter and view information pertinent to your needs.

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best website recording software

Visitor Recording

Gain a real understanding of what your users see and exactly how they interact and engage with your website with session recordings and a host of insightful user, website, and behavior data points with behavior analytics software.

visitor recording
record sessions

Record Sessions

Record all sessions on your website to understand user behavior of the visitors.

list session recordings

List Session Recordings

Get a list of all recordings at one place to manage them easily.

manage recordings

Manage Recordings

Manage all your recording at one place with additional options like filters and more.

block ips

Block IPs

Block your own IPs so you track the right information.

behavior analytics

Behavior Analytics

Get a comprehensive, visualized overview of website visitor behavior, patterns and trends, web and user behavior analytics from one central location.

multiple websites

Multiple Websites

Get information of all your websites at one place. Configure them easily and get started instantly

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Session Replay

Playback visitors journey on your website with SiteRecording’s behavior analytics software to understand what they actually do and just how they engage with your site with comprehensive playback control, contextual insights, and easy collaboration.

session replay
playback recordings

Playback Recordings

Get your recording played at anytime with playback recordings.

control playbacks

Control Playbacks

Use video player controls to pause, forward, reverse your recordings.

share recordings

Share Recordings

Easily share visitor session recordings with key stakeholders and work together as a team towards creating better products and experiences.

get additional insights

Get Additional Insights

Retrieve important insights to make data-driven decisions.

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View visitor session data in a graphical representation showing where users scroll, move, click and tap on your website on both desktop and mobile.

scroll heatmaps

Scroll Heatmaps

Get information of all the mouse movements user is taking on your websites.

mouse-click heatmaps

Mouse-click Heatmaps

Track and analyze all clicks in sessions to understand user behavior.

mobile heatmaps

Mobile Heatmaps

See how users interacting with your websites on mobile with mobile heatmaps.

movement insights

Movement Insights

Get all the details of input movements on your website.

Find out more about Heatmaps

Conversion Funnels

View your conversion funnels across pages or events and analyze results at any and all stages to improve user experience and drive conversions.

conversion funnels
create funnels

Create funnels

Easily create funnels with desired conditions to track user journey.

advanced filtering

Advanced Filtering

Apply powerful filters to quickly sort through visitor recordings data and extract actionable insights to fix bottlenecks, improve experience, and increase conversions.

powerful targeting

Powerful Targeting

Know your visitors with more powerful targeting options.

drop-off recordings

Drop-off Recordings

Analyze how customers are dropping off from your websites.

Find out more about Conversion Funnels

Advanced Analytics

Get a comprehensive, visualized overview of website visitor behavior, patterns and trends, web and user behavior analytics from one central location.

advanced analytics
powerful dashboard

Powerful Dashboard

Get a big-picture view of visitor experience, spot trends, and discover insights about existing bottlenecks and conversion-optimization opportunities from one central location.

see patterns and trends

See Patterns and Trends

Analyze how your sites are performing in an overview to make informed decisions.

website and user analytics

Website and User Analytics

Get both websites and user analytics with just a few clicks.

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