Why We Built Siterecording?

Find out the inside story of why we siterecording and why there was a need of visitor recording software that helps businesses grow like the Fortune 500.


After developing our all-in-one Agile CRM software, we started exploring new lines of businesses for opportunity and growth. We’ve been extremely successful in catering to the needs of Fortune 500 companies, and during the course of our exploration phase, we found that we’ve the technical capabilities and business acumen to empower companies in their marketing by providing a better way to understand their website visitor behavior.

High bounce rate, poor conversion, and soaring drop-off rate are some of the challenges that any business wouldn’t like to stumble upon. Marketers put different strategies and tools to stay away from these bottlenecks. But the truth is, these tools hardly depict the visitors’ real-time activity on a website and the generated insights are not that useful to overcome the challenges mentioned above.

The Problem

The use of Google Analytics is quite common for many businesses to figure out user behavior to some extent by analyzing the time spent on the website. However, these analytics tools typically return detailed numbers. And these numbers alone to comprehend the exact reason behind certain user behaviors are not enough.

The Problem

Therefore, we wanted a solution that goes beyond the numbers to improve the user experience for site visitors. We needed a solution with the ability to analyze the behavior of the visitor and find out the exact reason that might lead to dropping off. The solution should also have the ability to identify the areas on a web page that might be creating hindrance towards a smooth customer journey.

The requirement

Once we had clarity on the prevailing challenges, our research team started gathering the detailed requirement for the solution. And we figured out that the tool must have the following capabilities:

  • Generates explicit and visual data points about the user’s activities on the website
  • Gives the context of the visitor’s behavior
  • Performs aforementioned tasks quickly without requiring a steep learning curve
  • Records all engagement including mouse movement, clicks, and more
  • Store and compile data along with the actual video
  • Help make data-driven decisions and better optimize the website

The Solution

We noticed that there’s no such potential tool available in the market that could accomplish our requirements. And then, we decided to build the tool on our own. We came up with Siterecording – our one-stop solution to counter all the challenges mentioned above, and bolster any marketing team to deal with issues in the likes of bounce rate, conversion, drop-off, etc.

We noted that the solutions available in the market are not loaded with the necessary capabilities to empower marketers to deal with prevailing challenges.

Siterecording: Key Features

Whenever a user visits a website, Siterecording starts recording all engagement, such as mouse movement, clicks, and more, and then compiles and stores these data along with the actual video. Marketers can leverage insights to make data-driven decisions and better optimize the website.

Key Features

We understand the necessity to find realistic ways to track user behaviors in any of the business sectors, which is why siterecording was built to help our clients leverage user behavior analytics to track and monitor user journeys effectively.

Some of the key features of Siterecording are as follows:

  • Insightful dashboard to view all of user behavioral data
  • Segmented visitors to track specific portions on website
  • Heatmaps for specific web pages to track clicks, mouse movement, scrolls for both web and mobile visitors
  • Custom tag filters on session recordings, web analytics, engagement trends
  • A/B testing of your website by comparing it to other versions
  • Filter data to view by date of creation, version name, number of visits, bounce rate and more

Value Proposition

Siterecording is a robust tool to track and understand the website visitor behavior. With this, you can create effective marketing strategies and deliver a better user experience to your website visitors.

Value Proposition

Here are some of the key benefits you’ll get:

  • Learn more about user behavior and optimize the website for the best UX
  • Discover and solve customer journey roadblocks faster
  • Reduce bounce rate and optimize conversion
  • Improve user onboarding experience
  • Evaluate and fine-tune the efficiency of each page of the website
  • Apply insights to the other marketing activities
  • Improve the quality of customer support

Final Thoughts

With a mission to empower SMBs to function like Fortune 500 companies, we’ve built an app gallery that combines over 500 apps, and Siterecording is the latest addition to it. Siterecording empowers businesses to optimize the website according to the context, timing, and need of the visitors. If you offer your visitors exactly what they are looking for, they’ll be more likely to land, browse, and convert, improving your website sales and leads.

Final Thoughts

Now over to you! Start exploring Siterecording free trial for 30 days and we guarantee that the extraordinary capabilities of the tool will help you transform your marketing for better sales and business growth.

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